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Super Chocoholic [userpic]

Well, I gave in and finally got a girl. ^___^

Hinoki: "A 'newbie' is a new buddy!"
Tohru: . . .

( Many, MANY box opening photos )

Please join my BJD community okashi_parade to follow their adventures~!

Chantrune [userpic]

Yes, it's the absolutely, positively necessary box opening pics!

(+10 more!)
~ link to personal journal entry~

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サル [userpic]

Yes, my second boy just arrived! Not only is he so beautiful he takes my breath away, he also has a magnetic head-cap so I don't have to kill my finger's every time I have to mess around in his head!

Anyhow, on with the box opening:

Ack HUGE box!
photo © Sofia Sohlberg, a.k.a. Clws, 2006
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Comparison of AR Cien and OD ILCollapse )

He's just amazingly beautiful - photos do him no justice.

(x-posted, more or less, in my journal and on DoA)

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Super Chocoholic [userpic]

I couldn't concentrate on my work all day,
and then there was a knock at the door.

Open the box!
(cut to personal journal entry)

Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

well, welcome all new people~~ ^0^

nyaa...things are moving a tid bit slowly..soooo~~ lets try out the first photo theme post while we await more box opening goodies..

The theme for this one is: WEATHER

its been raining a lot around here..and then its been really hot other days...so lets see some pics with the elements...Rain, snow, sun, hail, etcetc..

have at it! =3

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Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

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Welcome Home Kodona!Collapse )

Yay! the community just started and already i can add into it. My new boy Kodona (a volks LE magical michael) arrived today. Ive got a few things that need fixing..like a wig..im not keeping his default blonde one..so at the moment he's sitting here bald..But soon that will be ammended. Im so glad to see people joining this community btw! If you've got new or old box openings then feel free to post em!
Thanks for looking~~

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Red [userpic]

Breaking in the community with the box opening of my first ever BJD, Lexx! ^_^ He's really different in looks now, it's funny to see how he's changed (aka, became a spoilt brat) over 3 months! ;)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Lexx's ArrivalCollapse )

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Juliet Rabbit [userpic]

Welcome one and all ^_^

Please read the rules and make yourselves right at home. I originalluff, along with the help of keicaidoll will do our best to make this a great community for other doll people to enjoy!

If you want to join, feel free to post up your new OR old box opening photos (just as long as they're within the rules) to get things rolling along.

And have fun! ^_^

--your mod,

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